Tales of Enchanted Forest

Tales of Enchanted Forest is the project of the Ukrainian author Valentyna Anufriyeva, who creates fairy tales, fantasy stories, stories about animals and children detectives.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest. We've got many wondeful stories!

The readers will find the world of adventures here. We will have tea with the dwarf Long Beard and inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, fly the three-headed fire-breathing dragon, solve the most complicated crimes with the dachshund Holmes and the cat Watson, and travel along the fairy tales with the Reader Lera and her friend Vasyl.

About the Author

Greetings to all those who love to read fairy tale stories!

My name is Valentyna Anufriyeva and I love to read and tell fairy tales: funny and sad, mysterious and strange, imagined and real stories, that happened in some other times or in other realms, or never happened at all, or about to happen as we speak!

I like to add educational elements to my stories, but I don’t like pushy didactics. That is why I add logic games, pictures for coloring, table-games for the whole family into my books and connect them with the plot. Thus, the readers can read, play and learn with pleasure.

The publishers are welcome to explore and contact me in case you need any additional details or are interested in publishing my stories in other languages kazky.office@gmail.com