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  • Book I was published under the name “Peter and the dragon”:
    • ISBN 978-616-7623-09-9 and
    • ISBN 978-617-7623-10-5
  • Audio books in Ukrainian:
    • Book 1. "Ridge of Bravery"
    • Book 2. "Ridge of Love"
    • Book 3. "Ridge of Destiny"

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The story behind the story

The first manuscript of adventures of Peter, his sister Masha and their friends was written in autumn 2006. The summer that year was hot and the author often remembered the similar hot summer in the village, where she went with her grandmother, mother, and younger brother. She remembered vividly the woods, wild strawberry hunt, the meadow full of frogs and the river, in which there definitely lived a dragon. So vividly that the picture literally stood before her eyes. As a result, the story was born about a boy named Peter who travelled far away in time, met fire-breathing and a bit naive dragon Horynych and experienced unbelievable adventures. Several weeks the author was sleep-walking so to say. In fact, she was thinking the story through, could stop in the middle of the conversation, grab the notebook, and write down the ideas. The story developed and gained some new details until three parts were written.


Petro (Peter)

Petro Vasyliovych Zaychik

Born April 30 in Kyiv. Parents: father Vasyl Andriyovych, the teacher of geography, mother Anna Sergiivna, pediatrician. At the beginning of the story Petro is a 15 year old high school student. Later – a student of Kyiv Politechnical University, where he studies mathematics and physics. Dark blond-haired, grey-eyed, tall, thin, sportive. He never believed in magic. But right after the return from the “magic country” he made an aim to understand how magic works, and if it is possible to combine magic with science. Thus, he started to read science fiction a lot. Favorite authors are Roger Zelazny, Robert Heinlein. Especially Heinlein influenced Petro’s character greatly through his admiring descriptions of engineers. This actually played the role in the choice of profession and applying to Politechnika. Petro has a calm, smooth-tempered character and slightly philosophical nature. Before doing something, measures, plans, takes the decision and then acts.


Sylantiy Andriyovych Alatyryov

Was born March 27 in the village Alatyrevka, located near the Alatyr river. Has a sister Nastya, five years younger than him. Became orphan in early age. Blond-haired, freckled-faced and blue-eyed. Tall, broad-shouldered and very strong! Syla is good in wrestling and later with the sword. The character is shy, not talkative, vigorous and a bit impulsive. Determined and committed. Though shy, has a strong will. Often direct and having black-and-white mentality. At the same time he is open. Will do everything and beyond everything for his friends.

Horynych (Horynych brothers)

Three-headed and fire-breathing dragon

Huge, of bright blue color with drops of green and grey. The character is emotional, a bit unstable and insecure. Despite his hugeness searches for protection. A bit stupid but very kind. Can be a good friend. Too quick in decisions. For example, is able to burn a village for friends. Afterwards, after he sifts a question to the bottom, he would apologize and even help to rebuild. Has a vivid imagination because of which loses sometimes the feeling of reality. Nice and spontaneous but not trustworthy. He is not a good judge of character. Was born on June 21 during the summer solstice somewhere in Carpathian Mountains (the exact place is unknown). Gemini according to zodiac. Makes friends easily, has a huge contact base all over the world because of his love to travelling and mobility (wing spread is 71.3 m, like Boing 777-9X. At the same time, when wings are folded he is able to fit in the back yard). Talented, hard-working but preferring entertainment. Hates failures, becomes depressed. Is able to earn huge money, tends towards hoarding, owns a cave with piles of gold and stones.


Nastasya Andriyivna Alatyryova

Was born February 01 in the village Alatyrevka, located near the Alatyr river. Has a brother Syla, five years older then her. Became orphan in early age. According to her friends and Yavdokha - possesses magic powers. Potentially is a very powerful healer. At the moment studies from Yavdokha. Nastya is a blond girl with freckles, thin face, blue eyes and long lashes. The character is soft, very kind. Loves to smile. But under dangerous circumstances becomes super self-controlled. Can be stubborn and highly motivated – good qualities for the would be witch. But prefers to succeed with softness and kindness.


the witch of great power and wisdom

By the looks – a woman in her thirties, black-haired, green-eyed, tall, and beautiful. Powerful and impatient with fools. Always welcomes those who are good and clever. Takes pupils (for example, Nastia). Is friendly to everyone. As a goddess stays in close connection to the people’s destinies. Grants strength to the warriors. Looks after the development of the mankind, keeps the balance. Helps people only in such a manner, so that not to change the balance to one or another side. Can turn into a crow.


Black Warlock

Evil warlock with the plans to conquer the world. A long-standing enemy of Yavdokha. Almost never shows his face. No one knows how he looks like. His face is constantly changing. After seeing it, people forget it at once.


Maria Vasylivna Zaychik

Born July 2 in Kyiv. Parents: father Vasyl Andriyovych, the teacher of geography, mother Anna Sergiivna, pediatrician. Brother: two years younger Petro Vasyliovych Zaychik, known as Petro (a schoolboy, later – a student of Kyiv Politechnical University). During the first visit to the Past Maria is an 18 year old student of Slavic linguistics. She is dark haired, dark eyed, high and sportive girl. She loves to dress up. Prefers dresses, high heels and unusual accessories. She goes into dancing, loves standard and Latina, takes part in dance competitions and often wins first prizes. Maria also likes to learn languages. Reads a lot. Prefers fantasy and science fiction, loves to read myths and legends (and secretly believes in them) but also reads world classics. The character is stubborn, sometimes even sarcastic. At the same time she is very communicative and open. Likes to have a good laugh.


Black Warlock’s follower

Looks as if he is 21. In fact, he he is 400 years old. And 200 years he has been serving Chornoliub. He is tall and good looking. Often pretends to be a prince from a distant south country. Well dressed. Wears an expensive sward. Rides a white horse. In Part III when all the masks are removed he is a general in the Black Warlock’s army, dressed in black armor and pale because he was hiding from justice in the cold and dark castle of his master. The character is short-tempered. He easily gets angry and acts without thinking. Proud and arrogant. Though he managed to pretend to be kind and caring while communicating with Maria. Hypocritical and duplicitous.

Peter and the dragon

Friendship with the dragon is dangerous but full of adventures!

Adventurous story for children 10-12 y.o. about time travel into the realm where magic still exists, about friendship, respect and help to each other.

  • Original language: Russian
  • Translated into Ukrainian
  • Year of publication: 2018
  • Hardback: 60 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • ISBN 978-616-7623-09-9 and
  • ISBN 978-617-7623-10-5

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