I write my books with love! My nieces live far from me and my books are our way of communication. In the fairy tales I tell them not only about magic and adventures but also about friendship, mutual help and support, love, respect and acceptance.

I invite you to taste the muffin baked by the dwarf Long Beard, fly the dragon, solve crimes and mysteries together with Holmes and Watson, find the Bookworms and even try to make friends with His Royal Highness the Chief Bookworm.

Welcome to our magic book world!

The publishers are welcome to explore and contact me in case you need any additional details or are interested in publishing my stories in other languages

Reader’s journal

Organize your thoughts about the books you’ve read!

I made a special notebook for readers. They will find there a place to write down the author’s name, short information about the main characters and the events of the story they read. It is got up with the main characters of my own books and contains stickers. Readers can color the pictures and mark the plots they liked or disliked with the stickers. It will help the children to read easy and with pleasure, not to forget what was read. And if they need to prepare for the literature class it will help to refresh the plot in the memory quickly and without rereading the whole book again.

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Peter and the dragon

Friendship with the dragon is dangerous but full of adventures!

Once upon a time Peter took a nap after school. Waking up he found himself facing three-headed fire-breathing dragon! A huge one! Would you take a fright? I bet you would. As Peter surely did. At first. But then a small talk with the dragon dragged him into a STORY… First, he helped the dragon Horynych to solve the problem with his beautiful lady friends, then learnt from a very powerful witch, then helped a friend to save his sister from warlock's capture and even fought against the warlock himself.

  • Original language: Russian
  • Translated into Ukrainian
  • Year of publication: 2018
  • Hardback: 60 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • ISBN 978-616-7623-09-9 and
  • ISBN 978-617-7623-10-5
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Tales of Enchanted Forest

Learn how to open the door between realms!

Do you like tea with candies? The dwarf Long Beard likes a lot! He invites all the friends for tea in the Enchanted Forest. The dwarf will treat you with the freshly baked apple pie and tell you all about the adventures he had. You’ll hear about his grandmother’s Secret, dangerous events, desperate tries to save friends and even about the sharks in the Forest…

Read and color the book exactly the way you imagine the characters and events. “Tales of Enchanted Forest” are published on special paper good for coloring.

  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Hardback: 76 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Black-and-white illustrations good for coloring
  • ISBN 978-617-7736-25-6
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Play to help main characters save your favorite fairy tales!

Lera is a schoolgirl who lives in a small town with her family: parents, grand mom and younger brother. She studies in the fifth grade, loves to read a lot and has a friend Vasyl who shares her love for books. Once visiting a museum she sees a Book which is invisible for everybody else. The girl finds out that she is a Reader who can travel the pages of this Fairy Book. Together with Vasyl they investigate why people forget fairy tales. They travel the Book, search for mysterious Bookworms and help the Book’s inhabitants escape the evil fate.

The book contains logic games, pictures for coloring, table-games for the whole family or a party of four fellow-readers that are connected with the plot.

  • Year of publication: 2019
  • Hardback: 96 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Black-and-white and full-color illustrations
  • ISBN 978-617-7736-09-6
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The Kotofeyevs

Join the investigators team and solve the most mysterious crimes!

The book contains twelve stories about the adventures of the detective – the dachshund Holmes and his assistant – the cat Watson Kotofeyev. At first the detectives do not see the connection between the crimes in a series they investigate, but later on they begin to understand that there is a genius criminal M. who is seeking for revenge!

These stories are also told in pictures. Together with the illustrator we wanted to preserve the well-known spirit of the century depicted in original Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle and rise interest in children towards the original works. That is why the illustrations resemble black-and-white pictures and the characters on them with their appearances and cloths create the 19th century atmosphere. At the same time, we wanted to show the modern world and present the children of 5-12 y.o. with the steam punk style which is unusual for the books for this age. Our illustrations contain steam punk elements like a zeppelin, atypical computer, etc. We also included to our illustrations four detective riddles that could be solved by the readers if they are attentive enough.

  • Original language: Russian
  • Translated into Ukrainian
  • Year of publication: 2021 (Rus) and 2022 (Ukr)
  • Hardback: 124 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • ISBN 978-617-7736-97-3 and ISBN 978-617-95197-4-1
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Magnus, the doggie

Become a responsible dog’s owner with the advice by zwergschnautzer Magnus!

A small doggie Magnus moves to a big city to meet with his new owner. Every day becomes a small adventure.

In every new story the doggie grows, learns a lot of new things and his owner learns to take care of a pet and to train a security guard dog. The series of 10 short stories for children 3 y.o. tells about typical situations that happen in relationships between a dog and its owner. The stories are told by a dog Magnus. Without pushy didactics children learn to be conscious owner of a pet, find out the main benchmarks in dog’s growth and actions of a men on these benchmarks.

  • Original language: Russian
  • Translated into English
  • Translated into Ukrainian
  • Year of publication: 2022
  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • Format: 210x210 mm
  • Full-color illustrations
  • ISBN 979-884-4134-37-1
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Coloring book

Color the characters in a way you imagine them!

Have you ever imagined how the main characters of the book might look like? I bet you have. And suddenly on page 345 there is a description The character does not have blue eyes and the haircut is different, and the cloths is far from what you have imagined.

In this coloring book there are the main characters from the stories by Valentyna Anufriyeva. And you can multicolor them in a way you imagine them.

Coming soon